Agua Dulce Airpark


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Even though the LA area is so densely populated, the landscape is still dotted with private and public airports. This little one is seated in the Agua Dulce canyons with the runway leading straight into rolling hills and horse ranches. These airports are filmed at pretty frequently for car commercials and driving scenes that require high speeds and tricky driving. Notice the donut burned into the runway that was probably left behind by some random stuntman from who-knows-what production!

2001 A Space Odyssey


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#15 — 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Grand Park Views


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The recently finished Grand Park in Downtown LA is one of the more picturesque parks in town. Extending from the Music Center on Grand Ave. all the way to City Hall on Spring St. it offers a great walk while being surrounded by the LA skyline. On the north end of the park is a beautiful fountain which has City Hall in view on one side and the DWP building on the other! Chairs and tables set up around the water and a small fountain play area make this park the perfect lunch spot!

Fern Dell Trail


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Griffith Park is home to many famous landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, Greek Theater, LA Zoo, and multiple golf courses. Along the lesser traveled back road to the Observatory, one small pocket of the park has shady trails and picturesque bridges only steps from Los Feliz Blvd. The Fern Dell Trail has several picnic areas, bar b q areas (weather permitting), and the Trails Cafe is just across the street. Even on a smothering triple digit day, these trails were cool and breezy!

Watering Can Girl


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We all know Banksy, the elusive graffiti artist from Europe. He’s put up several pieces around the LA area, most of which have been painted over, cut out, or in some cases destroyed by envious taggers trying to get their 5 minutes of fame. This one, located on a gas station in the Hollywood area, was covered over by a piece of plywood for quite a while until finally it was unveiled and protected behind plexiglass. I managed to snap this photo shortly after the plywood came down and before the plexiglass went up a few years ago. To this day, the plexiglass stands undamaged (unlike a lot of other pieces around the world). On the opposite corner of the gas station there was a second piece similar to this one. Unfortunately, the owner of the gas station paid around $80,000 to have it removed and it was later sold at auction for over $200,000!

In the Dark


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The sprawling land of LA houses many neighborhoods, each of which have different things worth exploring. The city of Commerce is filled with warehouses with plenty of grungy, old ones as well as clean, modern ones. This one in particular houses a laser cutting machine used for die cutting metal, but these creepy shelves take the main focus with the skylight bringing in the only available light.



Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#56 — Jaws (1975)

The Addams Family


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The Addams Family was one of my favorite shows growing up. While I was born well after the show ended, I loved watching reruns with my family and I was always intrigued by the beautiful, yet spooky, mansion the family lived in. Sadly, the mansion shown in the exterior shots was torn down sometime around 1972 to make way for the new addition to the Mount St. Mary’s College (the property also houses the beautiful and historic Doheny Mansion which was saved from demolition). However, today there still stands one small shred of evidence from the famous home. An ornate lamp post is, other than a banner for the school, left untouched. To compare, below is a still of the Addams’ mansion with the lamp post in the corner.

Be warned though, this campus is private and closed to the public unless you’re given clearance to take photos from the school administrators.


As seen on screen in: The Addams Family (1694 – 1966)

Hot Wheels H.o.F.


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I spent countless hours of my childhood building tracks to race my Hot Wheels cars while trying to maximize speed and distance of jumps. The Petersen Automotive Museum on Miracle Mile is home to the first ever Hot Wheels Hall of Fame that originally opened in celebration of the toy’s 35th anniversary. The small in size, yet huge in history exhibit has one of every Hot Wheels mold in creation!

Bethlehem Baptist


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Rudolph Schindler, known as one of the pioneers of Modernism is mostly known for his residential projects through LA. Most of these homes are found in swnaky neighborhoods of the greater LA area and are now world famous million dollar properties. But if you find yourself in South LA there still is a largely forgotten Schindler gem. Finished in 1944, the Bethlehem Baptist Church has fallen into disrepair and is usually plastered with graffiti and gang tags. However, after the city buff man rolls through, the church is returned somewhat to its original state. Be cautious though, this neighborhood is not known for how safe it is.

Hazy Hills


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Los Angeles is known for having horrible traffic and relentless smog. While the air quality is way better than it used to be, there still are plenty of smoggy day which make the hills look like they fade into the sky. The Observatory seen is here is hidden behind a thick veil of haze.

To the Depths


Saturday Snap! Each Saturday I’ll post a random and unplanned photo I’ve snapped from somewhere around town!

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LA is known for having lackluster public transportation. However, if you want to get from North Hollywood to Downtown, the Red Line is for you. While taking the escalator down to the Sunset/Vermont station I spotted these perfectly located tags that rotate around all day long.

Taxi Driver


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#52 — Taxi Driver (1976)

Point Fermin


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The harbor town of San Pedro is mostly known for it’s machinery that breaks up the otherwise beautiful ocean views, but it too has its fair share of gems. Point Fermin Lighthouse was built way back in 1874 on the cliffs overlooking steep drop-off and jagged rocks below. It’s surrounded by gardens and a big park very appropriately named Point Fermin Park. It’s also just footsteps away from the cliff immortalized in Roman Polanski’s classic Chinatown!

Monarch Tunnels


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The Butterfly Grove is bombarded every year by hoards and hoards of beautiful Monarch butterflies. But, the rest of the year when the butterflies are nowhere to be found, the overgrown trees still make amazing tunnels that all end at the Bluff Overlook which, you guessed it, overlooks the ocean!