Tiki Treasure


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On the west end of Long Beach’s Peninsula is the small Bayhore Park. The park is complete with a couple small piers, basketball and tennis courts, and a bar right on the sand! While the beach isn’t very big, probably only 30 yards deep or so, it still has awesome views of the homes lining the marina as well as the docks on the other side. And yes, there’s even a prop treasure chest!

Butch Cassidy


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#73 — Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Smith’s Mooby’s


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One of my favorite writer/directors is Kevin Smith who created the View Askewniverse which includes Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, and the upcoming Clerks 3! If you’re familiar with his work, you remember the fast food chain Mooby’s from a few of the films. This closed down burger shack acted as the Mooby’s in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where Justice grabs Jay’s attention from the minute he sees her. Other than the paint job, it still looks pretty much the same as it did from the film, just don’t show up expecting Run DMC to be blasting over the speakers!

As seen on screen in: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Sons of Anarchy (2008 – 2014).

Bunny Museum


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LA County has its fair share of museums highlighting almost anything you can think of. On a quiet residential street in Pasadena you’ll find the Bunny Museum which currently holds the world record for most bunny items with over 28,000! Even the front yard has a large hedge cut into the shape of a bunny with white wire bunnies lining the grass! To make it even more amazing, they have the best slogan ever… “The Hoppiest Place in the World.”

Margaux’s Studio


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This unassuming building on a tiny street in Santa Monica once belonged to Ernest’s own granddaughter Margaux Hemingway. The window near the chimney and the stairs leading to the second-story entrance was the unit she called home. Back in 1996, one day before the anniversary of Ernest’s suicide, Margaux took her own life by overdosing on phenobarbital. Check out the documentary Running from Crazy if you’re interested in the Hemingway family and its frequent connection to drug addiction.



Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#57 — Rocky (1976)

High Tides


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Some of the most expensive real estate in Southern California goes to the city of Malibu, which is trapped up the coast with only the infamous PCH as a way out. Of course, if you know your way around, you can take a canyon up to the 101, but the freeway is just as bad. Nevertheless, people pay millions of dollars for the world-famous Pacific Ocean views. These homes, which sit on one of many private roads sprouting off PCH, are easily in the seven-digit price ranges!

Bridge After Bridge


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The LA River is the cement snake the cuts East LA in half and runs along the south valley. Currently there’s huge efforts to reclaim the infamously disgusting river. Certain spots near Griffith Park offer kayaking through the shrubbery and then just a few miles south it has a great urban feel with the never-ending line of bridges leading into Downtown. Thanks to the drought we’re having right now, even seeing water running down the center trench is a rare sight indeed.

Closed Terminal


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Now that it’s summer a lot of people are taking summer vacations which means busy airports, more traffic (especially here in LA), and lots of cranky people. There’s one airport that is an exception, especially when the terminals are closed to the public. The Ontario Airport is still in operation in the main terminal offering local flights, but the “Old Terminal” and “Closed Terminal” are closed and are used only for filming. While the Old Terminal may appear in more movies due to its stuck-in-the-past look, the Closed Terminal is more modern and is easy to take over for big scenes with tons of extras!

Independence Day, 2015


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I know I’m a day late, but I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Fourth of July weekend this year! This majestic flag was flapping in the wind during our glacier cruise outside of Anchorage, Alaska!

Pawnee, IN


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Pasadena’s City Hall building has been used in countless television and feature productions over the years. Perhaps one of the best known appearances is in Parks and Recreation that used the building throughout its seven season run. The show takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana and revolves around several government employees that have offices in this beautiful Spanish style building!

As seen on screen in: Parks and Recreation (2009 – 2015), American Pie 2 (2001), and countless others!

Empty Pico


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The historic Pico House sits on the Los Angeles Plaza Park, just south of the also historic Olvera Street. The Pico House was built in 1869 and claims to be LA’s first three-story building. When it was constructed, this beautiful building operated as a luxury hotel with over 30 rooms. Now, the building is a state and national historic monument but sadly sits vacant, used mainly for film shoots and special events. Oh, it’s also said to be haunted as well. During my visit I didn’t have any super-natural encounters, but at night may be a whole different story!

Extra Copy


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The Los Feliz neighborhood is full of Walt Disney’s past including many landmarks from the early day of his career. Walt and Roy Disney rented a room in this small office building, now a copy shop. This first business was called Disney Bros. Studio. It makes me happy to see that even today the current owners are proud of this buildings part in history!

“LOOK! First Walt Disney Studio 1923″

Silicon Valley


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One of my favorite shows on TV right that has me consistently laughing and yelling at the screen (at the bad guys) week after week is HBO’s Silicon Valley. Although the show takes place in Northern California, in the heart of the real life Silicon Valley, much of the show is shot right here in LA. To keep the show realistic, several scenes have San Francisco establishing shots at the beginning, usually when they are visiting another tech company’s offices. Even so, the home used for Pied Piper’s headquarters, as well as living quarters for almost every character, is on a quiet street in Woodland Hills. One difference, there’s not actually a garage to house Gilfoyle’s machinery. It appears that was built specifically for that episode!

As seen on screen in: Silicon Valley (2014 – ??)