Hot Wheels H.o.F.


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I spent countless hours of my childhood building tracks to race my Hot Wheels cars while trying to maximize speed and distance of jumps. The Petersen Automotive Museum on Miracle Mile is home to the first ever Hot Wheels Hall of Fame that originally opened in celebration of the toy’s 35th anniversary. The small in size, yet huge in history exhibit has one of every Hot Wheels mold in creation!

Bethlehem Baptist


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Rudolph Schindler, known as one of the pioneers of Modernism is mostly known for his residential projects through LA. Most of these homes are found in swnaky neighborhoods of the greater LA area and are now world famous million dollar properties. But if you find yourself in South LA there still is a largely forgotten Schindler gem. Finished in 1944, the Bethlehem Baptist Church has fallen into disrepair and is usually plastered with graffiti and gang tags. However, after the city buff man rolls through, the church is returned somewhat to its original state. Be cautious though, this neighborhood is not known for how safe it is.

Hazy Hills


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Los Angeles is known for having horrible traffic and relentless smog. While the air quality is way better than it used to be, there still are plenty of smoggy day which make the hills look like they fade into the sky. The Observatory seen is here is hidden behind a thick veil of haze.

To the Depths


Saturday Snap! Each Saturday I’ll post a random and unplanned photo I’ve snapped from somewhere around town!

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LA is known for having lackluster public transportation. However, if you want to get from North Hollywood to Downtown, the Red Line is for you. While taking the escalator down to the Sunset/Vermont station I spotted these perfectly located tags that rotate around all day long.

Taxi Driver


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#52 — Taxi Driver (1976)

Point Fermin


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The harbor town of San Pedro is mostly known for it’s machinery that breaks up the otherwise beautiful ocean views, but it too has its fair share of gems. Point Fermin Lighthouse was built way back in 1874 on the cliffs overlooking steep drop-off and jagged rocks below. It’s surrounded by gardens and a big park very appropriately named Point Fermin Park. It’s also just footsteps away from the cliff immortalized in Roman Polanski’s classic Chinatown!

Monarch Tunnels


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The Butterfly Grove is bombarded every year by hoards and hoards of beautiful Monarch butterflies. But, the rest of the year when the butterflies are nowhere to be found, the overgrown trees still make amazing tunnels that all end at the Bluff Overlook which, you guessed it, overlooks the ocean!

Alfalfa Patch


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Contrary to popular belief, Lancaster has more than sand and Joshua trees. This alfalfa farm is one of a small handful of green patches that dot the otherwise barren landscape. This sprinkler system stays on for 18 hours every day while slowly rolling back and forth throughout the field. To keep everything in perspective though, the flat horizon is filled with prickly little Joshua trees like the rest of the city!

Greene Entry


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The architectural powerhouse firm known simply as Greene and Greene (Charles Summer Greene and Henry Mather Greene) practically established the city of Pasadena all on their own. Several of their works have been listed as historical landmarks (such as the famous Gamble House). Besides their distinctive Craftsman style homes, they also helped to beautify Pasadena by building stone walls, bus stop waiting houses, and neighborhood entryway like this one. While these are not gated communities, per se, these handcrafted gates give the streets and sidewalks that extra bit of flair that can only be found in Pasadena.

Geffen at MOCA


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One of the crown jewels of the ever-evolving Little Tokyo area of Downtown LA is the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. This warehouse that once housed police cars burst on to the scene with the controversial (yet absolutely amazing) Art in the Streets graffiti exhibit. Proudly displaying plenty of heavy hitters in the past like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, etc., this extension of MOCA consistently has beautiful artwork and great events to showcase it.

Piru Bridges


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Piru is a small town situated between the historic cities of Fillmore and Santa Paula. Farm lands line the highway on one side, and mountains block your view on the other. If you get off the 126 and drive into the tiny “downtown” area, you’ll pass by two metal bridges — one is on the side of the road, and the second is hidden behind overgrown bushes from the river below. The gorgeous green rolling hills behind it complete the fantastic view.

Ontario Airport


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One of my favorite hidden gems in Southern California is one that isn’t of much use to anyone that doesn’t live in the immediate area. Airports aren’t the type of place you go to hang around for no reason — especially if it’s a long trek down the 10 from where you live. Most Angelenos probably will never come here at all; but if you do, the sleepy little Ontario Airport has far less people (as you can see from the photo), far less stress, and the architecture is definitely more attractive than Burbank or LAX!

Gargoyle on Beverly


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Like all of us, you’ve probably been caught in traffic somewhere around The Grove. Beverly Blvd, Fairfax, all of ‘em get gridlocked. Next time you’re stuck creeping along and watching walkers pass by you, check out the “fairytale” style home across the street from the delicious BLD. Also keep an eye out for the gargoyles overhead!

First Light Fun


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The desert is a completely different world compared to LA. Yes yes, some will argue that LA itself is a desert, but I’m talking the REAL desert. The longer north you drive in Lancaster, the less buildings you’ll find. Simple right? It’s always fun to drive aimlessly down the seemingly endless and perfectly straight roads. Plus, if you’re crazy enough to get there before the sun comes up, you’ll witness a truly gorgeous first light and sunrise! Just don’t forget to bring a tripod!

Lord of the Rings


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#50 — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)