Sunset and PCH


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If you’re up to fighting the infamous PCH traffic, there’s several of eateries that call this wicked road home. Probably the most famous of all these eateries is Gladstones which is located at the busy intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway in between Malibu and Santa Monica. The food may not be Michelin Star quality, but damn, that view sure is worth a million bucks!

McLovin’s Liquor

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One of my favorite movies, and one that will be forever known as a classic high school comedy, is Superbad. Out of all the shenanigans that goes down throughout the flick, the most memorable has to be the liquor store where Fogell gets punched out by a robber while trying to buy alcohol for the party later that night. Sitting near the Burbank/Glendale border, this small market still looks the same as it did when the movie was filmed back in 2007. Sad to say when I visited they didn’t have any Goldslick Vodka. Oh well.

As seen on screen in: Superbad (2007)

Chief White Eagle


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High up a hill and hidden behind homes sits a 14-foot statue of Native American Chief White Eagle. Previously visited by Jay Silverheels (Tonto from the original Lone Ranger tv series) and Iron Eyes Cody (crying Indian from the anti-pollution commercials), who both signed their names in the cement at the foot of the statue, this 13-ton statue was unveiled to the city in 1940! Most of the hill the statue sits on is blocked by trees, but Lewis Road — just south of Agoura Road — has a gap in trees that gives the only glimpse of Chief White Eagle.

Raging Bull


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#4 — Raging Bull (1980)

Van Gogh Street


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All over this great city you can find streets named after famous figures in history. Up at the tippy-top of Granada Hills you’ll find Van Gogh Street and the small elementary school perfectly named Van Gogh Street Elementary School. Unfortunately you won’t find any great museums or galleries on this small stretch of residential road, but a walk through Bee Canyon Park — with its small creek and brides — that winds alongside Van Gogh is worth your time!

Oldest Micky D’s


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McDonald’s has over 20,000 locations world wide but this one in the city of Downey is the world’s oldest. The first McDonald’s location was once in San Bernadino but is now the site of a historical marker and museum. This one which first opened in 1953 is the last remaining Micky D’s with the red and white striped tiles on the front. The employees still dress in the original uniform with paper hats, white shirts, and bolo ties. There is also a 60 foot neon sign with the first mascot “Speedee the Chef” and a small museum with gift shop on the property. The outdoor seating and walk-up windows really transport you back to the 50’s!



Stunning Signage!

Highlighting all of the Southland’s neighborhoods and their city entryways!

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Keep Venice weird. That pretty much sums it all up. When a town’s slogan is as simple as that, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Or does it? Venice is home to Muscle Beach, the Venice canals, Ocean Front Walk, the Speedway, a skatepark, legal graffiti murals, a freak show and, of course, the beach! This hanging sign doesn’t necessarily show the city limit, but instead it can be found at the end of Windward Avenue just before the Walk — and weirdness — begins!

Custom Curbs


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It’s a normal thing to find addresses painted on the curb in front of houses. But instead of having the same old white curb and black numbers, the homes in Redondo Beach have turned these little canvases into custom works of art. It helps bring the neighborhood more character and makes each piece of property more unique!

Abandoned Obey


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The old and abandoned Sunset Pacific Motel was a haven for graffiti and street artists for quite some time. Now the motel is covered in white and grey squares where graffiti used to be. This old Shepard Fairy wheat paste has been slowly rotting for a while but still manages to cling to the wall. This dilapidated building was also home to two separate Invader tiles (before they were stolen) as well as burners and throw ups from dozens of other local artists.

Stevenson Ranch


Stunning Signage!

Highlighting all of the Southland’s neighborhoods and their city entryways!

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Stevenson Ranch is a fairly new track-home neighborhood in the Santa Clarita valley. The streets are wide and windy, the homes are more-or-less identical, and the foliage is always impeccably manicured. It also seems every street has great views of the surrounding mountains. Playing host to the TV series “Weeds” the area plays perfectly to the Little Boxes theme song!

Potrero Road


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If you’re in the mood for an extremely picturesque drive, instead of fighting traffic up and down PCH, head over the hill to Thousand Oaks and take a stroll down Potrero Road. This stretch of white fence-lined road is home to some of the most utilized film ranches in the state including JMJ, El Campeon, and Ventura Farms which all have played host to countless movies, TV shows, and commercials over the years. If you time it just right, sunrise on Potrero Road is pretty spectacular!

Seal Beach Liquor


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All up and down Main Street in Seal Beach you’ll find mom and pop shops ranging from cafes and restaurants to boutiques and, of course, liquor stores. This liquor store, appropriately named Seal Beach Liquor, has prime realty by being only two short blocks from the pier. The signage on the front is pretty great too!

To the Village


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Hyperion Avenue is mixed with small homes built into the hillside, trendy bars, restaurants, and even a couple schools. After you work your way through the traffic and passed the TJ’s, the road opens up into this awesome overpass that takes you over the Golden State Freeway and into Atwater Village. At night the golden light on the road and the dotted hillside make a beautiful backdrop.

Headed Surfin’


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From 1st Street to the pier in Manhattan Beach, pedestrian-only streets offer unmatched views of the ocean. A lot of the homes on these narrow walkways — and down on The Strand — are rentals that are bombarded in the summer months by tourists looking to get drunk on the beach. But in the fall and winter months the streets are a little sleepier except for the local surfers making their way to the waves.

Hand Car Wash


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LA is known for its traffic and ever increasing number of cars. Along with that comes lots of gas stations and car washes, yet still nowhere to park! Car washes in this town usually have huge and colorful signs hoping to stand out from the others. This car wash in Studio City took it to another level. Specializing in “hand car washes” their sign is a huge hand holding up a red sports car for everyone to see as they zoom down Ventura Boulevard. The palm trees scattered around the property are a nice touch as well!