TelAmeriCorp Offices 1


In keeping with the sad news of my guilty pleasure show Workaholics‘ series finale, another easily recognizable location is the first building used for the TelAmeriCorp offices. Blake, Anders, and Adam spent countless hours not working and goofing off in this small parking lot until the business moved (but not before our favorite slackers completely trashed the cubicles in one last hurrah).

As seen on screen in: Workaholics (2011 – 2017).

Stop Slacking


It’s the end of an era. The horribly amazing slacker/stoner comedy Workaholics came to end last night with the series finale featuring one last epic party. The now cult-famous main house where Adam, Anders, and Blake would frequently smoke and drink on the roof, is really on a quiet street in Van Nuys where (supposedly) the 3 show creators lived before the show hit it big. It’s rarely mentioned, but the show is set in Rancho Cucamonga, but for the most part, the entire series stayed close to it’s real-life home with locations all throughout the San Fernando Valley.

As seen on screen in: Workaholics (2011 – 2017).

Gothic Wilcox


Hollywood Blvd. is LA’s tourism hub with almost every direction causing a sensory overload. Each side street has its share of historic buildings, hidden restaurants, and random sights to be seen. A couple of these face reliefs watch over the northern part of the Hollywood/Wilcox intersection!

Bandini Bridge


The Los Angeles River winds throughout the eastern portion of the city. It goes between foliage-filled Griffith Park, super-urban downtown, and onward to the Port of Long Beach. The intersection of Bandini and Soto, by one of the river’s many curves, has a great view of the skyline paired with the Soto overpass!

Modern B&B


Another show premiering its new season is Modern Family! During last season (season 7) Mitch and Cam starting renting out the recently purchased upstairs portion of their condo. Chaos ensues, of course, when multiple weirdos come and go. In real life, the ivy covered home can be found across the street from the Fox Studio lot where the show’s interiors are shot! For those that care, you can also check out my post of the Dunphy family home here!

As seen on screen in: Modern Family (2009 – ??).

Nick’s Griffin


Tonight is finally the season 6 premiere for one of my favorite shows — New Girl! While I posted about the gang’s loft building a while ago (see it here), I’ve yet to post about the gang’s hangout — The Griffin. For the first couple seasons of the show we only saw the interior of the bar that Nick would eventually come to own (interior scenes filmed at The Prince in Koreatown toward the beginning of the series), but recently they’ve added some exterior shots that were taken of this Atwater Village local landmark. We finally learned of the bar’s name for the first time in season 5 which explains the real life griffin sign on the bar’s corner!

As seen on screen in: New Girl (2011 – ??).

Korean Bell


The Korean Bell of Friendship which sits atop Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, has some of the best ocean views around. This massive bronze bell was given as a gift on October 3, 1976 to symbolize friendship between Korea and America, and to celebrate this county’s bicentennial. The park, which is part of Fort MacArthur, is open for events and, of course, is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument!

A Clockwork Orange


Working my way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest Films of All-Time!

#70 — A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Better Call Saul


After Breaking Bad became the smash hit that it was, AMC decided to make a spinoff/prequel with original creator Vince Gilligan. Better Call Saul definitely keeps up the high standards of the original, and of course it uses the Albuquerque as its backdrop! Like the White family residence from Breaking Bad, the prequel has a main home as well — Chuck’s house. In real-life, it looks exactly the same as it does on the show except for the mailbox that every character uses to “ground themselves.”

Albuquerque, NM


Another familiar spot from Better Call Saul is Mike’s parking lot ticket booth which is the bane of Jimmy’s existence!


Though not one of the “main” show locations, the Valliant Printing Shop where Chuck passes out due to the florescent lights is from an unforgettable scene.


The show’s biggest tie-in to Breaking Bad came when the skateboard kids and Jimmy followed the hit-and-run driver to this house when who should answer the door, but Tuco.


Another Tuco hangout is the El Moreno Mexican Restaurant where he does his dealings with his partner in crime Nacho right beside him. That is until Mike purposefully hits Tuco’s car in the parking lot thus sacrificing himself and getting the beating of a lifetime. Tuco was arrested, but Mike’s problems were just getting started.


As seen on screen in: Better Call Saul (2015 – ??).

Breaking Bad 3/3


Three of the most iconic locations from Breaking Bad are easily Hank and Marie’s awesome hillside adobe house, Gus Fring’s front fast-food restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos, and of course the White house itself!

Albuquerque, NM


Twisters — a chain located all over New Mexico — was chosen to play the chicken eatery. The location is one of the smart few that is banking on its television fame. The left up one of the wall decals which is the first thing you see when you walk inside, they added big arrows and a sign pointing out the exact booth Walter liked to sit in, and they even have posters for sale!



The holy grail itself — Walter “Heisenberg” White’s house! It still looks almost exactly the same except for a gate added to the front entryway, some private property signs, and a slight color change. It’s known by the locals that the owners sit out front all day, every day to deter would-be vandalizers or trespassers. Luckily I stopped by at just the right moment to snap some photos of the show’s main location seen in all 62 episodes of its 5 season run!


As seen on screen in: Breaking Bad (2008-2013).

Breaking Bad 2/3


Some more Breaking Bad spots I was able to check out while roaming around Albuquerque were the A1A Car Wash that acted as the front for the income Walt earned as a dealer! Though the owners have changed, as has the color scheme, it’s still instantly recognizable!

Albuquerque, NM


Saul Goodman’s one-time shopping center office is now a sports bar and sadly the inflatable Statue of Liberty is nowhere to be found.


Tuco’s headquarters is actually a coffee shop.


Jesse’s favorite hangout — local favorite Dog House — actually is a hot dog stand!


The tragic demise of Walt’s frenemy Lydia took place against the window’s of this real-life restaurant. Somehow Walt sneaks some ricin poison into a sugar packet that Lydia then dumps into her morning coffee. Don’t worry though, the real eatery’s sugar packets are safe!

As seen on screen in: Breaking Bad (2008-2013).

Breaking Bad 1/3


While visiting New Mexico, I couldn’t leave without checking out some Breaking Bad filming locations! I visited several locations from throughout the series, but here’s some of the better known homes from the series! First up, Jesse Pinkman’s house. Check out the new garage where the iconic RV meth lab once parked!

Albuquerque, NM


After that came Gustavo “Gus” Fring’s classy home.


Then Mike’s cute little house. The same one is used for the character in the show’s prequel spin-off Better Call Saul.


The duplex Jesse and Jane shared, and where she OD’ed while Walt watched, still looks the same!


Last up came Jesse’s parent’s home where he took the fall for his little brother’s weed stash.


As seen on screen in: Breaking Bad (2008-2013).

Big Chile Inn


If you find yourself wandering around the southern New Mexico border town of Las Cruces you’ll probably spend most of your time over in the beautiful White Sands National Park. After a day tromping in silk-like sand, head over to see the world’s biggest chile in front of the properly named Big Chile Inn. Even more perfect is it’s located just a couple blocks from Motel Blvd!

Las Cruces, NM

Zozobra 2016


Every year on the Friday before Labor Day the city of Santa Fe puts on its annual Burning of Zozobra. Started by Will Shuster back in the 1920s, the event has grown into a region-wide celebration. Old Man Gloom, as the marionette is called, represents everyone’s misdeeds of the past year. After sunset the town starts chanting Burn Him! as a Fire Spirit battles the puppet before ultimately lighting him on fire — thus releasing the town’s gloom. From an event that started in one man’s backyard to an annual fiesta with over 50,000 people in attendance, it’s one of New Mexico’s biggest parties!

Santa Fe, NM


Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him! Burn Him!



Never Forget


Never forget the ones we lost. 09/11/2001